Amazing Facts About $6.7 Billion Neighborhood By Arada

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One of the popular leading property developers in the UAE is Arada, the runner of the most extraordinary projects. One of the best new upscale, creative neighborhoods of Arada group is in the heart of new Sharjah called “Naseej District” that celebrates culture and art in one of the best spots of the UAE. Construction on Naseej District will begin in the second quarter of 2021, and the first residential units will be delivered 2 years later in 2023. If you want to know more about this place and its fantastic features, continue reading.

AlJada Development
Aljada – Amazing Development

Naseej District a $6.7 Billion Neighborhood By Arada

This magnificent project of the Arada group is an interesting megaproject worth AED 24 billion ($6.7 billion). Here, I will mention some of the most important points that make this project worthwhile.

●    It is a social space that shows creativity and culture.

Naseej (an Arabic word) shows that Arada wants to gather talents, diverse skills, and backgrounds and create a neighborhood with a deep sense of creativity and community in Sharjah. It has 16 apartment buildings with the contemporary style in its heart, besides the anchor cultural attractions. They try to host a wide range of creative events to encourage residents and visitors to cooperate and learn. The chairman Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed Al Qasimi claims that the Naseej District is part of Sharjah’s journey to add art and culture to the style of living that hosts the finest creative talents. Also, it is an attractive destination for people who love authentic and engaging cultural activities.

The Boulevard 2 Apartments At Aljada Sharjah

●    You can experience upscale standards of urban living.

In addition, Naseej District is an exclusive destination for end-users and investors who are looking for exceptional build quality, new and upscale standards for urban design, and a truly transformative living experience at the heart of new Sharjah, Aljada.

Tiraz is the first residential building that has gone on sale in Naseej District. Offering a range of studio, one and two bedroom apartments, Tiraz building comprises 128 units in total. The incredible units of Tiraz overlook garden spaces and open courtyards. All units in Tiraz Collection offer smart home features, as well as exclusive access to excellent amenities including health club, swimming pools for adults and children, family barbeque spaces and a lot more.

Tiraz Apartments at Aljada
Tiraz Apartments at Aljada

●    Legendary projects of Naseej

The most unique part of the Naseej District is the iconic and incredibly designed building with galleries, museums, and an exhibition center that glows this place more. This iconic building will be an architectural marvel that will host permanent exhibits focusing on topics like climate change and the growth story of Sharjah.

Vida Aljada Complex is also another legendary project of Arada in partnership with Emaar Hospitality Group. This collection includes branded residences, a hotel, and a range of exciting dining and retail options. Linking these two locations is a bustling piazza that is a wide pedestrianized street with cafes, shops, fashion outlets, bookstores, and also outdoor kiosks.

Vida Residences Aljada
Vida Residences Aljada – Luxury Apartments in Aljada



As you might know, Arada is one of the most popular development groups in the UAE, and their new stunning project is the Naseej district, a $6.7 billion neighborhood. If you want to know more about this place and its properties, read the above text. Also, you can call the dxboffplan team online whenever you want during the 24 hours of the day for free, and we will help you find the best property for sale, whether here or anywhere else in the UAE.

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