Al Mansoori, First Emirati Astronaut, Is Going To Give An Introductory Tour In Arabic

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Hazza Al Mansouri is the first Arab man from UAE getting ready for the historic mission of traveling to space. Last stages are in process in order for this huge success to begin. The journey to the International Space Station will start on September 25.

Maybe this name is familiar to some people, as this person was introduced as the first Emirati who will be jetting off to space. However, what comes as a huge surprise is

that he will be the first Arab man who will be in the International Space Station. He will be on Soyuz-MS 15 mission and the take-off will be from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

Al Mansoori, first Emirati astronaut, is going to give an introductory tour in Arabic

Details of this program

In this journey, Al Mansouri will not be alone. Two people will company him during this historic mission. One of them is a Russian commander  “Oleg Skripochka” and another one is an American flight engineer  “Jessica Meir”.

Several scientific experiments should be carried out in order for everything to go well on the ISS. These kinds of tasks are the responsibility of the former military fighter pilot. He is going to do a tour of the ISS in Arabic. Thus, he will be recording anything happening on the ISS on a daily basis. The first week of October is the date of coming back to the Earth.

This adventurous journey to space will last for eight days. However, future ones will last a long time. Besides, the main goal of this trip is to do some in-depth scientific researches and find some ways to improve life for humans.

Al Mansoori, first Emirati astronaut, is going to give an introductory tour in Arabic

Will Al Mansouri get Halal food in the space?

According to a recent report of Russian news agency Sputnik, Al Mansouri will get Halal food in the International Space Station.

The food for Hazza Al Mansouri will be traditional Arabic food. The Space Food Laboratory will prepare special (Halal) food for the first Arab astronaut heading to ISS.

To be more precise, the traditional Arabic food will be available for Al Mansouri in the ISS. The food is mainly canned Halal food or some food like balaleet, saluna, and madrouba.

Al Mansouri is a former military pilot and the first Arab man going to ISS. So, he will give an introductory tour in Arabic about the ISS and its specifics.

Also, it is interesting to note that this is not the only step of the UAE government in the space field. It is looking to do more space-related activities partnering with Russia. Therefore, We will witness more activities related to space in the future. UAE is one of the pioneers in this field, and this success will be the start of other ones in the not-too-distant future.

the information of this article was based on the recent report published by Khaleej times website.

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