fe 60% of social media businesses in Dubai belong to women

60% of social media businesses in Dubai belong to women

As brought in previous articles, Dubai is one of the best cities in the world to work and live in. This is simply because there are some benefits for business people in this city that cannot be found in any other places. For instance, Dubai offers tax-free incomes as well as incredibly high salaries, to name but a few.

Moreover, Dubai is among those cities in which demand for social media businesses is on the rise. I mean by social media businesses those businesses run through social platforms like Facebook etc. These kinds of businesses have gained popularity, especially among women. Many women these days are applying for Trader License in Dubai.

According to the data showed by Department of Economic Development, since 2017, 3,333 licences have been issued to trade goods through social media. It is interesting to note that 72 percent of the total licenses (2,420) belong to UAE nationals. Also, 60 percent of issued licenses have been for women.

Nada Nader, team leader for DED Trader, Business Registration & Licensing (BRL) sector, said Trader License has a huge impact on social media businesses. In fact, it can improve these kinds of businesses through increasing consumer confidence in shopping products or getting services on social media.

Other benefits of Trader License include:

  • eliminating any obstacles for social media users
  • improving accountability as well as intellectual property protection
  • enhancing consumer confidence
  • removing the risk of infringement on name of a reserved trade or other intellectual property
  • A Trade license also guarantees the rights of everyone concerned
  • defining the legal accountability of the trader

As well as these, there are other advantages brought by Trade License such as trade name protection, taking part in exhibitions and conferences, bank facilities (Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Mashreq Bank and Emirates Islamic), greater customer confidence, membership in Dubai Chamber. Membership in Dubai Chamber helps import and export. Also, it displays products in consumer points of sale.

There are some places in the UAE that you can get the Trade License if you are interested in starting a social media business. These licenses can be got from DED Café in Jumeirah, , Al Khail Mall Al Quoz; Twasol Businessmen Services, Palm Strip Centre; Dxb Businessmen Services, Al Nahda; Khidmaty Government Services Centre, The Dubai Mall; Al Nukhba Businessmen Services, , Abu Hail; and Tasheel – Al Barsha Mall.

One point related to the licenses that you should keep in mind is that it can be registered under the name of one person only. Also, the license holder will not be able to open a shop or issue visas. Besides, the licensee will be responsible for any legal dispute alone.

So, social media businesses is Dubai are highly popular and lucrative. If you are also looking to a social media business, apply for Trader License soon.

*Most of the information above was based on the recent report of Khaleej Times website.

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