20 Most Visited Cities In The World

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Travel to a beautiful tranquil place can be the best thing to let the steam off. If you are also keen on travelling to unique cities, read this to the end. Here is a list of most visited and desirable cities around the world.

20: Mecca, Saudi Arabia

For Muslims, Mecca in Saudi Arabia is the holiest city. This is a city where Muslims from around the world come to celebrate religious occasions, and pray in its massive mosque, Masjid Al Haram. Kaaba is a spiritual cube-shaped building that Muslims face its direction when they want to pray.

19: Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei is the friendliest city in the world that is beautifully dominated by skyscraper. The modern city offers fantastic street food, upscale shopping and ancient Chinese buildings.

18: Pattaya, Thailand

It’s located on the same bay as Bangkok and is famous for pristine beaches. Pattaya is a popular destination where you can enjoy the sun, luxury resorts and golf courses.

17: Tokyo, Japan

The world-class city of Tokyo is a popular tourism hub and a leading business center hosting Michelin-starred restaurants that welcome throngs especially in the spectacular cherry-blossom season.

16: Rome, Italy

It’s no wonder that Rome has retained its place in top 20 most visited cities. Superb food and the ancient sites make this amazing city an appealing choice for the tourists.

15: Phuket, Thailand

Phuket City is a highly visited city filled with markets, restaurants, and shops catering to the tourists who come to the city. The area’s sunshine, cheap prices and friendly people are what draw people to this beautiful city.

14: Mumbai, India

Mumbai is the largest city in India that was formerly known as Bombay. The city is strongly influenced by the British who governed it in the past. The incredible city of Mumbai is akin to London in England, New York City in the United States, and Paris in France. Above all, it is home to Bollywood. These make Mumbai among the most unique.

13: Shenzhen, China

Shenzhen is a fast-growing city and also a world-class travel destination among business and leisure travelers. Its close proximity to Hong Kong makes it easy to experience both destinations. But this city also offers the distinct advantage of being the cheaper option of the two.

12: Antalya, Turkey

It may not be Turkey’s largest city, but it is the one attracting the throngs. Located on the opposite side of Turkey, Antalya remains as popular as it was during the Roman Empire. Yachts as well as sailboats are what making this seaside city wildly popular.

11: Delhi, India

Delhi is famous as an Asian city to watch. The rapid development of the city’s tourism infrastructure in addition to world-class yoga and Ayurveda centers are the reasons for Delhi’s notable growth. Add in markets, casinos, museums, and malls, as well as being easy to see make Delhi among the most desirable cities to visit.

10: Istanbul, Turkey

The incredible Istanbul is Turkey’s capital, the only city resting on both Asia and Europe continents, is probably best known for its striking Blue Mosque and also colorful Grand Bazaar.

9: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

With the vision of becoming No.1 in the future, Kuala Lampur has started attracting crowds of tourists. From stunning skyscrapers to street markets and Hindu temples, this Malaysian city is an amazing place where new meets old. Wellness retreats, excellent shopping, and luxury experiences are the reasons for this city to be on the rise.

8: New York City, The USA

There should be no surprise that New York sits high in the top 10 list. NYC is the USA’s business and leisure travel destination from all around the world. This is an amazing city that always has something for you.

7: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The city is trying its best to become the best city on Earth. Offering the world’s largest shopping mall, biggest fountains, and tallest building, Dubai is a Middle Eastern paradise to suit any taste. Thanks to its famous ambition, Dubai will be among Top 5 soon.

6: Paris, France

Besides being famous as the Lovers’ City, Paris has held its reputation as one of the highest rates for hotel room in Europe. In spite of Yellow Vest Protests in this beautiful city, the flinch of massive travel audience didn’t stop.

5: Singapore

Singapore, a world-class luxurious destination, offers luxurious shopping, accommodations and dining. In addition, Singapore is a unique place with extraordinary features; a dream city that you will never want to leave. Gardens by The Bay, Santosa and Merlion are the most famous attractions in this incredible city. Also, warm weather and beautiful beaches add a touch of charm to this stunning modern city.

4: Macau, China

With the completion of the Hong Kong-Macau Bridge, two of the most-visited cities in the world were connected. This caused both of them to grow fast.

Macau is a modern city that blends Portuguese and Chinese cultures due to its position under Portugal rule for centuries. The city will be more popular in the future.

3: London, England

London is The No.1 city in the Europe. As you probably know, London is heart of luxury and beauty. This is the reason the amazing European city attracts a lot of tourists each year.

2: Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is the first choice of those high-end spenders who prefer luxury retail. Meanwhile, it continues to appeal to tourists looking for unlimited fun as well as some of the best cuisine in the world.

1: Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong is the world’s most-visited city. The Hong Kong-Macau Bridge, as well as a high-speed train are the main attractions of this desirable city.

However, tourists should expect more in the coming years. Besides high-end shopping and business travel, Hong Kong will begin appealing to outdoor-loving crowds. It also will promote more cycling routes and hiking trails for the tourists to explore the surrounding natural terrain.

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