15 Reasons To Invest In Dubai Real Estate In 2021

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Over the past few years, Dubai has been a popular destination to invest in real estate. Many people from all around the world tend to transfer their money to this amazing Middle Eastern city as it offers unique benefits that not every city offers in the world. But what are these reasons? Here are 15 reasons to invest in Dubai Real Estate market in 2021…

15 Reasons To Invest In Dubai Real Estate In 2021

1. An Opportunity To Get Dubai Residency: owning a property in Dubai is a unique opportunity for you to get the residency of this beautiful city. As residency of this beautiful country brings you enormous benefits many people from around the world are looking forward to it. Here is what you need to get Dubai residency through buying property in Dubai:

  • You must own a property worth more than AED 1 million
  • The property must be ready to move in (Off-plan properties won’t make you eligible for Dubai residency)
  • You must pay cash (payment plans are not accepted for this reason)

15 Reasons To Invest In Dubai Real Estate In 2021

2. Guaranteed High Rental Returns: Dubai is among a few places in the world where you can receive a high rental return for your property. To be more precise, the rental rate for properties in Dubai are usually 8% of the property price. Here’s an example:

If you own a property worth AED 1 million, you should expect to get AED 80,000 per year or AED 6,600 per month which is amazing!

3. The Most Desirable Properties: Dubai is home to legendary architecture, eye-catching design and also fascinating skyscrapers that truly please the eye. In addition, Dubai is a place where you can easily find your ideal property. In other words, there are a variety of properties in Dubai ranging from villas to apartments and even boat villas. Whether it is a villa by the beach or a penthouse in the heart of the city. Dubai has a lot to offer. Yes, this amazing city has always something to surprise you.

A perfect blend of natural beauty and the best of cosmopolitan living is what makes properties in Dubai distinctive. Imagine living in a beautiful villa which has its own private beach. What can be better than this? Dubai is a paradise where your property dreams are about to come true!

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4. No Tax On Properties: Dubai is one of the few places on the plant offering 0% tax for its properties. This fact makes properties for sale in Dubai highly affordable, investing in them highly lucrative. This is why investors are flocking to Dubai for investment purposes.

5. No Commission To Pay: unlike many places in the world, you don’t have to pay any commission when buying a property in Dubai. Dubai offers apartments and villas for sale that you can easily buy direct from owner.

6. Valuable Properties: It is interesting to note that properties for sale in Dubai get more valuable year by year. To be more precise, statistics show that off-plan properties in Dubai double in value every 4 year which is an amazing amount. This is one of the best reasons why you should invest in Dubai real estate in the year 2021.

15 Reasons To Invest In Dubai Real Estate In 2021

7. Tax Free Incomes: tax free incomes also is another reason why this incredible city has attracted people from all around the world. Yes, this is a paradise where business dreams comes true.

8. Sun-kissed Weather: in addition to all of the benefits that Dubai offers to its residents, a pleasant weather is what people like in Dubai. Imagine going to the beach all year round. What else can be more desirable…?

9. High Incomes: Dubai is a city in which you can easily find jobs with high salaries in comparison to other cities in the world. Highest levels of comfort, prosperity, and also happiness is what this amazing city offers. So, do not miss the chance!

10. Incredibly Safe: Dubai is among the safest cities in the world. The rate of crime in the UAE is at its lowest, and this is what the residents enjoy in this country.

11. Natural Beauty: if you prefer the perfect blend of natural beauty and also the best of urban living, Dubai is a perfect option for you. This is an eye catching place where you can enjoy the best of architectural art, while you can also immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. So, it is no surprise that Dubai is ranked as one of the most desirable cities on the planet!

12. Tourist Hub: needless to say, Dubai is one of the most visited cities not only in the region, but also in the world. Being home to some of the biggest and most state of the art airports in the world, Dubai is the number one destination for those who are keen on traveling to unique destinations.

13. Multi National: It is interesting to note that Dubai is home to people from more than 120 nationalities. It means that Dubai has different cultures, languages and also opportunities to benefit from. Above all, most of its population can speak English. So, you won’t have any problem communicating with people in the United Arab Emirates!

14. A Compassionate Government: governments play a pivotal role in the happiness and prosperity of people of a country. It is interesting to note that the residents and citizens of the UAE are treated in the same way. A compassionate government that is always setting new laws for the happiness of people in this country is the reason for such distinction!

15. Perfect For Business: starting a business in Dubai is beyond easy in Dubai. Besides, companies pay no tax to the government in this incredible city. All of these factors make Dubai a perfect place to succeed and thrive. Do not miss it!

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