15 Most In-Demand Jobs In The World

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During the previous years, we saw that the coronavirus pandemic has affected the world’s economy, and many people lost their jobs. Also, some businesses like the hospitality sector have collapsed for a period. So today, almost all people search for a crisis-proof job.

Here you can read about the 15 most in-demand jobs for the years after the Covid-19 pandemic, according to indeed.

What are the most in-demand jobs as a result of COVID-19?

Here is a list of the most in-demand jobs that people search for after Covid-19.

●    Home health aide

These years, many people try to work as Home health aides and look after patients at their homes. They do tasks like daily helping, personal hygiene, and dressing. Also, they have to work with medical professionals to support the health of their clients and ensure clients take everyday drugs. While you can do this job without formal education, some employers prefer an aide with a National Association for Home Care & Hospice certificate.

Average salary: $11.98 per hour

15 Most In-Demand Jobs In The World

●    Nursing assistant

Almost all medical facilities like hospitals and nursing homes require to employ nursing assistants through these years. As a nurse assistant, you have to help patients with individual hygiene, take patients’ vital signs, serve food, and hold a record of patients’ health. If you want to work as a nursing assistant, you have to be certificated.

Average salary: $28,454 per year

15 Most In-Demand Jobs In The World

●    Construction workers

Construction workers put together scaffolding for buildings, clear construction sites, assist any specific craft workers with their duties on the site and also operate machinery that carries building materials.

Pay attention that some jobs in construction may require prior experience through a trade school or apprenticeship.

Average salary: $31,616 per year

15 Most In-Demand Jobs In The World

●    Physical therapy aide

Working as a Physical therapy aide provides you to help physical therapists. You have to do tasks like setting up equipment for approaching appointments, helping with patients during the appointments, or doing some executive duties like answering the phone.

Average salary: $33,238 per year

●    Medical technologist

There is always somebody who operates medical equipment to analyze bodily fluids like urine and blood called Medical technologists. They do tasks like reporting the results of done tests, collecting samples, and working with medical specialists to define the diagnosis of the outcomes.

If you want to apply for this position, you need a bachelor’s degree in either clinical laboratory science or medical technology to qualify.

Average salary: $56,368 per year

15 Most In-Demand Jobs In The World

●    Truck driver

Some people are truck drivers who transport goods from somewhere to another place. As a truck driver, you have to drive long distances mostly from warehouses to retail stores.

Average salary: $57,616 per year

●    Operations research analysts

Operations research analysts must collect data about operations in a given company. They think to find solutions for the problems using statistical simulations. Also, as a staff, you can speak to them about your problems in the workflow. They try to suggest the best course of action to the upper management to improve the company and its output.

Usually, people who have a bachelor of science degree in operations research, mathematics, statistics, or other related fields apply for this position. Also, if you are an expert with statistics software, you might have a chance in this field.

Average salary: $61,457 per year

●    Financial advisor

Do you like to work as a financial advisor and help people manage their finances? They do tasks like guiding debt repayment, preparing for short- and long-term goals, and assisting superior investments. If you choose to work as a financial adviser, you can make money in different ways, like charging for your time or earning commissions.

To work as a financial advisor and manage clients’ investments or sell certain products, you need certain licenses.

Average salary: $66,083 per year

15 Most In-Demand Jobs In The World

●    Health services administrator

Health services administrators are responsible for the different operations in hospitals as well as healthcare clinics. These include creating schedules for employees, ordering and maintaining a record of supplies, and updating personnel about any policy changes.

The requirement of health services administrator positions is a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration, business administration, or another related field.

Average salary: $70,147 per year

15 Most In-Demand Jobs In The World

●    Registered nurse

A registered nurse has to do tasks like performing tests and analyzing results. They control patients’ medicine and therapies and prepare patients and their relatives to control illnesses and hurts. Also, they have to document the medical histories and signs of patients.

To be a nurse, you have to get your bachelor’s or associate’s degree in nursing and a nursing license.

Average salary: $70,366 per year

●    Web developer

One of the most popular jobs in this period is to be a web developer. They try to build a website for their clients operating coding languages like JavaScript and HTML. Also, they support the websites they’ve made, for example, fixing any user issues.

Based on the job you choose, you might need a bachelor’s or associate’s degree in web development, programming, web design, or another relevant field.

Average salary: $72,040 per year

●    Physical therapist

Physical therapists are the people who work to help patients enhance mobility and control hurt after an injury by stretching, training, and the use of different tools.

As well as holding a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree, the physical therapist needs to be licensed.

Average salary: $74,672 per year

●    Information security analyst

You can work as an information security analyst if you have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or programming. So, you will be responsible for keeping computer systems safe. In this position, you use security infrastructure to monitor potential breaches in a given company.

Average salary: $81,555 per year

15 Most In-Demand Jobs In The World

●    Statisticians

As a statistician, you have to manage and explore data about a special field such as health or agriculture. They theorize about probable scenarios and solve issues in those areas operating their statistical and mathematics talents.

You need a master’s degree in statistics, mathematics, or survey methodology to be a statistician.

Average salary: $83,291 per year

●    Software developers

Software developers create different software to satisfy the needs of users. They design smartphone applications as well as computer programs, monitor their systems’ efficiency, and make any updates necessary to ensure the tech runs smoothly.

Software developer positions typically require a bachelor’s degree in software engineering, computer science, or other fields.

Average salary: $105,090 per year

15 Most In-Demand Jobs In The World


Until now, you read about the 15 most in-demand jobs you can apply for after the Covid-19 pandemic. If you need any extra information, you can search the site dxboffplan to read more about the job opportunities and conditions. Also, if you are planning for migration and need to find more information about where to live and how to buy a property for yourself, contact our professional team online.

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